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Crosswinds have said they accidentally lost many files!!! including this site so I have had to upload each file - some may be missing.... sorry about all the pop-ups.. I haven't taken the plunge to pay for them to be removed! and yes.. the site is the same 4yr old one.. I am generating a a new site, but it will take a while. . Jonathan


Thanks to Crosswinds this site contains my photographs from all over the place! My pictures of Europe, New Zealand and India were previously located at but they were too popular (compared to my research!) and have been removed. I have temporarily ported the whole site to Crosswinds. The research pages still reside in Cambridge and the links below lead there.


I hope to be able to update this site when I have time(!) In the meantime, please email me if there are missing chunks - the ftp kept failing! Thanks for visiting, Jonathan
Keas on Harman Pass, Arthur's Pass National Park.

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Fetal reslice surface render Fetal reslice Fetal reslice
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