Jonathan's Caving Page

Photos and text by Jonathan Carr

Hi, until recently I was the CUCC president - before being deposed by Tim... anyway, here is my attempt at a caving page - life under Yorkshire and Wales with the CUCC!

Click on the small pictures to get BIG pictures... or follow the slide show (where pictures are presented in order) by pressing the arrow at the bottom of the page. Beware! you need as many colours free as possible - run netscape or whatever with its own private colour map... better still use another viewer for the images (Netscape is terrible)... or even better get a 24-bit monitor!

Apologies for naming mistakes - they all look the same (both caves and cavers!)


So you want to go caving... (46k) Caving begins with gear! (26k)
Step 1: Find a cave... (37k) Sunset pot, Yorkshire (25k)
Ladder time (17k) Sam on a rope... (19k)
Waterfalls! (55k) Scrambled legs (34k)
  • Bruno & Tony in Hagg Gill... (32k)
  • Rope free... (37k)
  • Campsite breakfast (shreddies) (53k)
  • Inglebrough from the campsite (27k)
  • Shiny happy cavers... (21k) Sunset, Sunrise Pot (26k)
    Gill on belay... (14k) Putting the boot in (26k)
    Caveman Ant (28k) Descent... Claire, Heron Pot (59k)
  • Wet... (29k)
  • Cave rescue (30k)
  • Ladder rigging (14k)
  • Reaching hot bottom in Yorkshire (22k)
  • Snow caving - Yorkshire in winter (38k)
    Wet furry time... (40k) Snow caver - Bull Pot Farm (40k)
  • Putting on gear near P8, Derbyshire (45k)
  • Cavers above ground in the Lake District (53k)
  • Ingleton in Winter (37k)
  • Sam - Hagg Gyll (48k)

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