Arrowsmith Range, Lake Heron

The East Horn of Mt Arrowsmith looking north. Jaggered peak lies to the left (behind Adrian). Tent peak is the pointy peak on the right. The North Cameron glacier (obscured) lies between the two. At the head of the North Cameron Jaggered Col (also obscured) offers access to the Rakaia river and some potential alpine tramps which circumnavigate Mt Arrowsmith. In the distance an endless sea of peaks stretches north to Mt Murchison (2400m) and the rest of the Arthur's Pass/Cragieburn mountains.

After a late start due to strong winds, which suddenly abated at 6AM, we climbed some 1500m in deep soft snow and hot sunshine. The following decent and plod back to the car made this a tough weekend trip. Next time we'll head out on a Friday night and Bivy on the South Cameron glacier the night before the climb - not to mention order a good freeze!

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