Arrowsmith Range, Lake Heron

Summer - February. Early morning sunshine lights the Arrowsmith range. A kea poses on a moraine mound next to the Cameron hut while his friends try and fly off with my tripod!

The Arrowsmith range is often neglected by trampers, yet its 9000ft peaks are only 2hrs drive away from Christchurch. The easterly location (10km from the Main Divide) generally offers drier, warmer weather - although exposed to a Southerly. An easy walk to the Cameron hut from Lake Heron rewards the tramper with a 1500m wall of crumbling rock and a glacier descending to 1300m above sea level. Although small, the Cameron and nearby Ashburton glaciers exhibit all the features (and obstacles) of their larger neighbours on the Divide. Beware of falling rock in Summer and Avalanches in Winter/Spring. The Arrowsmiths are notorious for the former. Proceeding beyond the point this photo was taken requires significantly more equipment and experience. The hut can be very pleasant... when it's not occupied by climbers.

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