Trondheim, Norway

Photos and text by Jonathan

Here are some photos from a (too) brief working visit to Trondheim in mid-winter. A storm set in the night we arrived and it continued snowing the following day... but there was good skiing afterward!

Most pictures were taken with a compact camera (Nikon Ti28).

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Jeweller's shop, on a stormy winter evening (49k)Early morning light near the Cathedral (62k)
Reflections (57k)Riverside warehouses (49k)
Detail - warehouse (64k)Nidaros Cathedral (62k)
Cross country ski trails (50k)Sunset, cross country skiing (58k)
Riverside reflections (49k)Night scene (72k)
  • Night scene (30k)
  • More reflections! (49k)
  • Riverside warehouses (47k)
  • Approaching Trondheim airport.. in a snow storm (54k)
  • North bank of the Nidelva (13k)

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    Copyright (c) 1997 Jonathan Carr