Tramping pictures II

Photos and text by Jonathan Carr

Wet bush-bashing, Arthur's Pass (53k) Spring snow storm (33k)
Southerly, Mt Cook (37k) Winter on the Torlesse Range (27k)
CUTC snow craft! How to... (50k) Snow cave, Arthur's Pass (12k)
  • Snow Goblin (29k)
  • Southerly storms - Mt Hooker (16k)
  • Typical scrambling, Mt Cook National Park (17k)
  • Frozen ground, Arthur's Pass National Park (48k)
  • West Coast bush, Franz Joseph Glacier. (25k) The Ryde falls Mt Oxford. (86k)
  • Mt Peel, Canterbury foot hills (20k)
  • Mt Torlesse - summer descent (30k) Limestone outcrops on Flock Hill (36k)
  • Snow craft? (14k)
  • Snow cave engineering (10k)
  • Alpine meadow, Harman Pass (54k)
  • Harman Pass (43k)
  • Mt Richardson - Canterbuty foothills (43k)
  • Twin Falls Creek (49k)
  • Torlesse day traverse (12k)
  • Torlesse day traverse (61k)

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    Copyright (c) 1996 Jonathan Carr