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Photos and text by Jonathan Carr

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On the summit of Mt Oxford, winter! (49k) How do I get down? Aiguilles Rouges (44k)
  • The OUTC at Meuller Hut (23k)
  • Epic CUTC snow plod up Mt Oxford (42k)
  • Hamish Twalks Sweede (12k)
  • Fast food - Adrian finds snow berries! (52k)
  • The A-team, De La Beche corner (68k)
    Mr Blobby on Avalanche Peak! (44k) Early morning brew on the Taipo river flats (59k)
    CUTC members model PVC! (15k) Bill on the Torlesse range (58k)
  • Dinnertime on Glacier Rock (25k)
  • Bridget enjoying afternoon sun, Edwards valley (70k)
  • Relaxing in the hot springs (18k)
  • Otehake Hot springs by night (22k)
  • Snow plod - Sarah descending Mt Oxford (40k) Winter on Mt Oates (14k)
  • The steep-sided Otehake valley (70k)
  • Andrew Allen & the Hooker valley (62k)
  • Above a sea of clouds, Torlesse (46k)
  • Vacuum-man on Mt Rolleston (11k)
  • Snow boarding on Mt Oxford (16k) Dinnertime with chef Jim - snow cave on Mt Aspiring (51k)
  • Stephanie, Mt Huxley (68k)
  • Helen above the Tasman Glacier (37k)
  • Jullian and Bridget on Mt Phipps (31k)
  • Adrian and Anna in the upper Edwards (60k)
  • Getting there... in a student car (23k)
  • Bill and Anne Kennedy on the Waimak boulder-bash (76k)
  • Margie Wells near Graham's Saddle (36k)
  • Catherine's yummy snow-cave trifle (41k)
  • Climbing the moraine wall on the Tasman (94k!!)
  • Thomas & Katharine scrambling up Fidget Strm - rafting the clarence! (51k)
  • Graeme on ice (26k)

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