Twalk, Hurunui

Hamish McClaughlin.. Twalk 95. Twalk... is hard to describe. A twenty-four hour tramping/orienteering/Hashing event held in mid-winter under a full moon. Parties get dropped off in the middle of nowhere and find their way to the Hash House.. collecting code words based on grid references +-50m and obscure riddles (clues?) as they go. The Hash House serves continuous food throughout the night (Sweede in this case!). Groups head off on 3-4hr courses returning to the warmth of the Hash House (which is usually a shearing shed). Courses are specially designed to maximise scrub, hill climbing, bush bashing, electric fences, cabbage trees (and any other available obstacle). Orienteerers are especially discriminated against. A classic CUTC event for 30 years, it's usually held in June/July. All ages and abilities are catered for.

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