The Ryde falls, Mt Oxford

The Ryde Falls cascade down three steps in the Mt Oxford forest park. Mt Oxford (1300m) is the nearest of the Canterbury foothills and is only 40mins from Christchurch. The waterfalls are an easy 20 minute walk. The pools beneath each are big enough for a dip... but it is often a bit cold. Although the foothills are tame, there are lots of get-fit walks you can do around Mt Oxford. The main track is the Wharfdale which is mountain bike-able (yuck). Black hill has a nice hut near the bushline which offers good views of Christchurch at night and of sunrise... if you get out of bed. You can run up Mt Oxford in 45min in summer... or take six hours after a fresh Southerly snow fall in winter.

P.S. Oxford NZ is not like Oxford UK!

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