Kaikouras/Clarence river

Photos and text by Jonathan Carr

  • Tapi in a day - from the Clarence
  • Rafting the Clarence
  • Inland Kaikoura range on the saddle (2500m) between Mt Alarm and Tapi (37k)
  • Lunch beneath Tapi (12k)
  • The upper Hodder river - the usual approach to Tapi (17k) or the big version (70k)
    Tapi from the Clarence river... a long day walk with 2500m+ to climb and some 25km horizontal for the return trip (84k) (54k)
    Seaward Kaikouras (44k) - on the ridge which leads to Mt Manakau (2600m).
    Ice climbing in the Hodder valley on Tapi (49k)
  • Waterfall ice on Tapi (60k)
  • High above the Hodder, returning to the huts from a day's climbing (16k)
    Descending steep scrub hillsides on the Seaward Kaikouras (46k)

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    Copyright (c) 1996 Jonathan Carr