Mt Manakau, Seaward Kaikoura Range

Mt Manakau, on the Seaward Kaikoura range, rises dramatically from the sea to 2600m. Just offshore the land plummets equally dramatically to an even greater depth. Consequently, Kaikoura has been a favourite place for whales to hang out. These days the few whales are out-numbered by hundreds of whale watchers. Kaikoura is also known for its crayfish (yuck), rocky coastline and numerous seal colonies.

Here we are (Gavin+me) on the ridge south of Manakau in the midst of a Southerly front. We are not very far from the township (as the crow flies). We thought the weather was going to improve... it didn't, so we were forced to bivy on the ridge where there was just enough snow to dig a 2m deep snow trench/cave.

Alas, views of the sun rising over the Pacific and the North Island did not eventuate. Meanwhile, the rest of the CUTC parties had retreated to the coast to watch whales and seals...

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