Tapi in a day...

Photos and text by Jonathan Carr

Climbing Tapi in a day from the Clarence River (between the Inland & Seaward Kaikoura Ranges). 2500m+ of up hill and some 25km horrizontal travel.

  • Rafting the Clarence
  • Kaikoura overview
  • A real overview of the Clarence (30k)
    Ravine Hut - the base for the climb (35k) Sunrise and the first 1000m done (23k)
    The first 2000m! (40k) The last bit of the slog... (52k)
    Looking North-west across the Awatere (43k) At last... the summit ridge (46k)
    The Summit (38k)

    The Kaikoura's Rafting the Clarence River| Jonathan's gallery
    Copyright (c) 1996 Jonathan Carr