CUCC Caving `97 II - Yorkshire I

Photos and text by Jonathan

(II) These photos come mainly from Yorkshire I Lancaster/Fall pot plus some apres caving activities at the YSS....


All pictures were taken with a Nikon Ti28 compact camera.

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Claire, Dave and Kanchon.. Yorkshire (34k)
Banana man sighted near Heron Pot (82k)Kanchon and Jonathan Davey (40k)
A nice dry cave (79k)Claire and David in Heron pot (65k)
  • Checking-in at Bullpot Farm (75k)
  • Mark lowering a 110ft of ladder - Lancaster Pot (26k)
  • Jobeda keeps an eye on Dave Horsley... (51k)
  • Tony does it with baked beans.. (20k)
  • Sunset, Long Road - SRT practice (64k)Lowering 110ft of ladder... (26k)
    Look no hands.. (38k)Spider Sam (32k)
    I like this rock! (33k)Ally on the iron ladder - P8 (63k)
  • Scrambling around in the dark (30k)
  • Dave, glow-in-the-dark-Mark and Tim VB in Lancs (21k)
  • Food at YSS! (18k)
  • Descent into Fall pot... Mark on belay (41k)
  • Luxury accommodation at the YSS - Alexei (27k)

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    Copyright (c) 1996 Jonathan Carr