CUCC Caving `97 I - Derbyshire etc

Photos and text by Jonathan

Here are some more photos from the first few trips of the (academic) year.... These include SRT training, two P8 trips, Yorkshire I (Lancaster/Fall-Cow pot and Herron) plus some apres caving activities....

Yes I have forgotten some people's names.. Yes I've spelt things wrong and Yes I need better captions... So please send me your polite suggestions.

The camera never lies!

There are more photos to come from later Yorks trips... and the dinner.


All pictures were taken with a Nikon Ti28 compact camera.

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Dave Horsley on the edge... Fall Pot (26k)
Trust us?! (55k)Sunday cavers (60k)
  • P8, spot the desireable over-suit (57k)
  • David/Janet? on the 1st pitch P8 (74k)
  • Sunset, Long Road SRT practice (64k)
  • Getting-changed-on-the-roadside (45k)
  • Tony hanging out (24k)Jobeda and Tim VB at the Columns (53k)
    Is this safe? (42k)Beware of the novice! (50k)
    Tony on belay - Heron pot (65k)Claire on the second pitch (59k)
    SRT training with Prof. Sam (49k)P8 - the first climb down (53k)
  • Clambering out of the sump - P8 (60k)
  • P8 crawl - Sean and Janet (54k)
  • David/Janet? on the climb up the first pitch - P8 (52k)
  • Dave, Ally and Sam - P8, just before the first pitch (45k)
  • The incredible steaming man (32k)
  • P8 - the entrance! (63k)
  • Going down - who? (53k)
  • Happy cavers - Dave and Ally in P8 (32k)
  • A refreshing early morning shower - P8 (37k)

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    Copyright (c) 1996 Jonathan Carr