Caving in NZ!

Photos by Elwyn Smith - Dept. Electical Engineering, University of Canterbury and member of the Canterbury Caving Group (CCG) & NZSS

Here are some cool pictures from Elwyn....


  • Paparoa National Park - an NZ caving area
  • Mt Owen - an NZ caving area
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    Abseiling into the deepest sink hole in the Southern Hemisphere (11k)
    180m abseil into Harwood's Hole (32k) Starlight Cave (47k)
    Xanadu, Paparoa National Park (49k)
  • Slaughterhouse Blue: Formations in Black Widow (23k)
  • Where is Harwood's Hole?

    Harwood's Hole is on Takaka hill - a big chunk of Limestone 1000m high, adjacent to the coastal Abel Tasman National Park in Nelson.

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