Mt Huxley, Ohau State Forest Park

Classic South Island tramping. Long dry East Coast valleys follow the course of past glaciers up to the Main Divide of the Southern Alps.

Here we are walking North up the Ahuriri, towards Mt Huxley which is shrouded in cloud from the West Coast. 1800m passes at the head of the valley provide access to the South Huxley and North Temple valleys. Although not actually on the Main Divide, the South face of Mt Huxley is still impressive and was first climbed in the early 1990s! Due to its easterly location, the Ohau Forest park tends to provide drier, better weather tramping. Often when it is impossible to do anything at Mt Cook (just to the North West), Ohau can provide some do-able trips and scrambles. Having said that, a Southerly front hit us only a few minutes after taking this photo. The sudden temperature drop bought rain to the valley and a dusting of snow to the peaks and passes. Lasting only a couple of hours, the sun returned and we continued on our way after an extended lunch stop under a fly - it would not have been so pleasant on the tops!

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