Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Photos and text by Jonathan

Here are some photos from a very brief (8hrs!) trip to Amsterdam in early January... it was cold. However, my guide, Antonie (another Sleaford St resident) was eager to show me around!

All pictures were taken with a compact camera (Nikon Ti28).

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Amsterdam (42k)
Amsterdam street (36k)Cyclists at the Rijksmuseum, late afternoon (22k)
Antonie's pub (47k)Late afternoon sun... Wasterkerk (54k)
A crowded restaurant (20k)Night time! (30k)
Student near Anne Frank's house (63k)
  • Icy canals (38k)
  • Canal boats (20k)
  • ..just how much alcohol is there in Jenever? (59k)
  • Frozen canals (39k)
  • Antonie in Amsterdam (55k)

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