Tongariro crossing

The Tongariro Crossing

Looking across the Tongariro craters from the highest point (Red Crater) on the "Tongariro crossing". In the distance lies Blue Lake which occupies an old crater, site of a lava fountain a long time ago. The route passes by the Emerald lakes and crosses Central Crater to ascend to Blue Lake. It then passes through the saddle (on the far left) between Blue Lake and North Crater before descending to Ketetahi hot springs. The last part of the walk descends tussock slopes and passes through lush forest. On its way to Red Crater from the Mangetepopo valley, the route passes by soda springs before ascending the South Crater of Tongariro. From here it is possible to climb Ngauruhoe.

If you want value for money, then the Tongariro crossing is definitely one of the best day walks in NZ! Transport back to the Chateau is easily arranged in summer.

  • Inside Red Crater (28k)

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