Mt Sefton, Mt Cook National Park

The familiar view of Mt Sefton (3150m) from the White Horse Hill camp ground. The 2000m south-east face rises impressively above the Mueller glacier to dominate the view from Mt Cook village. The steep East ridge on the right has only been climbed a few times... including the first ascent 100 years ago. Watching icefalls from the roof of the Mueller hut on the Sealy range (top of the ridge beginning on the left) is a favourite pastime of trampers and day trippers alike. Consequently, the common climbing routes approach from the west via the Copland valley. The 2500m+ ascent is a demanding 24hr return trip! Multiday trips are more common but require longer spells of good weather.

This picture was taken from my tent on a frosty Autumn morning. The scrub-covered terminal moraine of the Mueller glacier is silhouetted in the foreground.

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