Photos and text by Jonathan Carr

Rafting is great fun. Three 2nd hand rafts "Pinky", "Tiny" and the "Yellow Submarine" have been purchased by staff and students in the Electrical Engineering department since 1991 and maintained (not in work hours of course) for "academic field" trips. Trips have included the Hurunui river, Waimakiriri, Taipo, Clarence, Rangitata, Buller and the rivers in the Queenstown area. Other planned trips include the Karamea river in Northwest Nelson (Kahurangi National Park).

  • Rafting the Clarence
  • Tapi in a day - from the Clarence
  • Kaikoura overview
  • Day 3 on the Clarence (45k)
    Kayaking on the Buller - Granity (71k) Rafting on the Clarence (57k)
    On the Upper Buller - near Lake Rotoroa (16k) Kayaking on the Clarence - day 3 (30k)
    Rafting on the Buller (40k) "Yellow Submarine" deflating on the Buller! (43k)
  • Rafting - the way it is most of the time (19k)
  • Day 4 on the Clarence (58k)

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