The Haute Route II

Photos and text by Jonathan Carr

200km walking across Switzerland... and a few hills along the way...

Click on the small pictures to get BIG pictures... or follow the slide show (where pictures are presented in order) by pressing the arrow at the bottom of the page. Beware! you need as many colours free as possible - run netscape or whatever with its own private colour map... better still use another viewer for the images (Netscape is terrible)... or even better get a 24-bit monitor!

Apologies for naming mistakes - I'll have to find a map!


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  • Stormy reflections - Lac du Brevan (30k)
    Ice cream stop on the way to Arolla (69k) Sunrise - the Matterhorn (48k)
    Leaving the Bertol.. for the second time (40k) The Grand Combin from the Valsorey (90k)
    The fortress-like cabane Bertol (65k) Reflections - Lac du Brevan (43k)
    Our first view of the Matterhorn from Zermatt (29k)
  • Dusk from a peak above the Trient glacier - looking towards Argentiere (22k)
  • The Haute Route - view from Aigiulle du midi (54k)
  • Cow's it going? (44k)
  • Where's that camera? Pigne d'Arolla (30k)
  • The quiet streets of Bourg St Pierre (53k) Solitude - glacial plateaux above Arolla (34k)
    Sunset on the Channel ferry (38k) Zermatt (93k)
  • Aiguilles du Chamonix (48k)
  • Lac du Brevan (87k)
  • Zermatt - looks like legoland (72k)
  • Stormy sunset from the Valsorey (34k)
  • Cow's it going? Alpine hazards... (40k) Cuckoo clock houses... (53k)
    Descent to Orsieres (38k) The approach to cabane Bertol - fixed ropes and ladders.. snowing (67k)

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