Rudolph Glacier, Mt Cook National Park

Looking up the Rudolph Glacier from the Tasman - Mt De La Beche on the right and Graham's Saddle to the left. The junction of the Rudolph and Tasman Glaciers (marked by the 150-200m high moraine wall infront of us) is known as De La Bech Corner. De la Beche memorial hut sits above the moraine wall but it is too small to be seen in this view. The rectangular block immediately on top of the moraine wall (at the lowest point) marks the natural bivy - in use for over 100 years. The first climbers of Mt Cook were one of the earliest users.

On this trip we ascended the Rudolph from the hut. Yes - down the moraine wall.. a plod up the glacier then up the prominent rocky ridge to the right of the icefall (after a silly attempt at serac jumping on the ice fall itself!). However, it got too hot just below De La Beche... I think the ridge might be a better (quicker) option generally - but someone want to do it all on skiis!

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