Mt Cook, Mt Cook National Park

Mt Cook at dusk from a campsite above the Hooker valley. The Ball Pass (2200m) is at the extreme right with Turner Peak to its left. The upper Hooker glacier, La Perouse (~3000m) and the Baker saddle are apparent on the left of the picture.

The Ball Pass gives access to the Tasman valley and provides splendid views of the Caroline face of Mt Cook. It's a good weekend alpine tramp - or a great day trip. You can even pay a certain Austrian guide to take you on "NZ's highest guided walk" and stay at the exclusive Caroline Hut. A good place for a snow craft course - if you don't get blown away in a Nor'wester. At 3764m (minus a little bit 'cause it fell off), Mt Cook is the highest peak in New Zealand.

This picture was taken from near my tent - it was very cold. The camera was balanced on a rock - never climb without a tripod!

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