Mt Oates, Arthurs Pass National Park

On Mt Oates, looking South East with Mt Murchison (2400m) and the Shaler Range dominating the distant horizon. The highest peaks in Arthur's Pass National Park lie in this region. More immediate, on the opposite side of the valley, are the popular day-trip peaks of Mts Cassidy, Aicken, Blimit and Phipps. Arthur's Pass village and the highway/railway lie on the other side of this range. The Temple basin Ski Field lies further along the range to the right.

Mt Oates itself requires a bit more difficulty to ascend and is regarded as a climb. Here we are scrambling up scree slopes to the North (1900m) in order to descend into the Upper Edwards and return via the Edwards and Mingha rivers to the highway. A great two-day trip... in good weather.

Lake Mavis in Summer.

Mt Oates in Winter.

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