Mt Malte Brun, Mt Cook National Park

Beatham Hut, beneath Malte Brun (3150m) in June. The Beatham glacier descends from Malte Brun Pass (2400m) which lies between Mt Malte Brun and Aiguilles Rouges to the South. The hut is at about 1100m so the climbs tend to be long. The Malte Brun Range separates the Tasman and Murchison valleys and is known for its rock climbing due to the relatively good rock - indicated by the pinkish tinge.

Beatham hut was one of the nicest/newest huts in the park. Unfortunately it was destroyed by an avalanche a few months after I took this picture. The skyline ridge on the left is the classic ascent route and a narrow section near the top is known as the Cheval ridge - I guess because your legs straddle either side. The summit is not visible in this view.

When correctly pronounced in NZish "Malte Brun" should sound like a type of breakfast cereal.

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