Mt Aspiring, Mt Aspiring National Park

Descending the bottom of the "Ramp" and crossing the schrund on to the Bonar Glacier after a successful attempt on Mt Aspiring miserable weather. The ramp was unusually cut-off for this time of year (as seen below). We pitched most of the ramp both up and down, due to its notorious reputation for one-way trips, particularly in recent years.
Earlier in the season a continuous snow slope, known as the "ramp", extends from the Glacier up to the North-west ridge (the "easy" way up). This snowy ledge traverses above bluffs and steepens about 3/4 of the way up. This part tends to be icy and there may be a few small slots. The problem seems to be descending, which is initially easy, but the combination of sudden steepening of the slope, hard ice and general fatigue has led to many falls.

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